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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

As a business owner you know that prioritizing and delegating is key to getting things done. Having to wear so many hats every day plus the constant attention to getting the daily bookkeeping tasks can quickly overwhelm even the best of us. Your P&L, account receivables, account payables, tax reports and more can distract you from focusing on your main goal. Luckily, this particular task can be solved by outsourcing great bookkeeping services and I am your perfect solution.

A bookkeeper is responsible for processing company's transactions, managing income, expenses, payroll and preparing tax returns.

It is the bookkeeper's duty to have business sense, acute attention to detail, understanding of debits and credits, and deliver an overview of the financial results and condition of your business by producing four basic reports:

  • Income statements

  • Balance sheets

  • Cash flow statement

  • Statement of changes in equity

Outsourcing a great bookkeeper delivers a lot more than just numbers and spreadsheets. It offers the business owner peace of mind knowing that the task often at the bottom of your to-do list, can be ticked off.

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